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DPLF: El Salvador to establish a National Commission for the Search of Disappeared Persons

As part of the Unfinished Sentences project, UWCHR Director Angelina Snodgrass Godoy accompanied a recent delegation to El Salvador, which resulted in a commitment by the government of El Salvador to form a national commission to search for people disappeared during the armed conflict. Read the following report from the delegation by [...]

Salvadoran-American Children of the Disappeared Search for “Our Parents’ Bones”

In 1993, the UN Truth Commission for El Salvador estimated that some 10,000 Salvadoran civilians were forcibly disappeared during the country’s armed conflict. To this day, no meaningful inquiries have been launched to recover their remains or identify those responsible for these crimes. In El Salvador, relatives of the disappeared [...]

Rethinking Punishment: Challenging Mass Incarceration in Washington State

The 2015–2016 academic year was a busy one for the Rethinking Punishment project, a UWCHR-supported initiative combining teaching, research, and public advocacy to promote human rights-focused approaches to problems of violence and mass incarceration. An ambitious agenda, and one that is setting the stage for new projects that could change [...]

The Promise of Human Rights: A conversation with Prof. Jamie Mayerfeld

As an instructor, mentor, and advocate, Jamie Mayerfeld is a linchpin of the human rights community at the University of Washington. He is a Professor in the Political Science Department, an Adjunct Professor of Law, Societies, and Justice, and a faculty associate of the Center for Human Rights. His most [...]

Exploring Restorative Justice Models for Washington State

In recent years, scholars and social movements have brought the issue of mass incarceration into public consciousness in the United States. Many now know that the U.S. has the world’s largest prison population, or have heard alarming figures, like an incarceration rate for Black men that is 6 times that [...]

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  • Panelists spring symposium 2016

UW Center for Human Rights – Quarterly Newsletter – Spring 2016

ANNUAL SYMPOSIUM AND RECEPTION CELEBRATING HUMAN RIGHTS WORK: This past May, the UW Center for Human Rights hosted its annual spring symposium and awards reception to celebrate the human rights [...]

Latest Annual Report

  • Page from a village municipal ledger reflecting entries on the day of a military massacre in Guatemala (post-redaction), as presented by Kate Doyle during the Access to Information as a Human Rights Conference organized by UWCHR on October 5, 2015. Photo: Alex Montalvo

Fighting for the Promise of Human Rights: Annual Report 2015-2016

Letter from the Director Dear friends, This Annual Report goes to press at a challenging time for those of us who care about human rights. Personally, I’m still struggling [...]